Imperfect Perfection

Kentrell and I both attended school in Texarkana—he attended Texas High and I attended Liberty-Eylau. We met through mutual friends. When we first started communicating, he lost interest quickly because I was a firecracker and a wild child. He says I was doing way too much for him, and I laugh at this story all the time. We are completely different. He is very much an introvert and prefers to communicate with a smaller crowd of people. I am an extrovert. I’m loud and do NOT meet a stranger.

We reconnected after 12 long years. I had joined the Army, served a few years and completed my military service. He went off to college before moving back home. There had been many heartbreaks, life lessons and maturing experiences over those years. We both were attending Radiant TXK when we reconnected in 2016. Let me just say, church is a great place to find a wholesome partner. I definitely recommend it. When I saw him, I was a little shocked. He was so handsome and a “ladies’ man,” but he was still the same ole shy guy. I approached him and we started connecting and hanging out more and more after that day, but always amongst a group. I don’t believe either of us were actually interested until months later. We built a friendship first. We had our first official date at TaMolly’s. I must admit, I was playing hard to get at first. I had gone through a rough divorce and a soul-searching transformation that caused me to be very cautious about the next person I would journey into love with. I had prayed very hard about the special guy who would love the new me. There was one last step before we would decide to date, and that was for me to fast and seek confirmation from God that this was truly meant to be. I fasted for a week with zero communication, intentionally seeking answers. After the week was up, we sat and had a long conversation about our intentions with one another and how we envisioned our lives together. I introduced him to my son, King, and there was no turning back after that. Kentrell questioned whether he was prepared to become a family man, but once I studied him, I could see more of his purpose in life, I knew how great a man, husband and father he would be, and I could not let him pass me by. I pursued him as he pursued me.

Our relationship was not perfect, but it was everything it needed to be. We had many experiences that led us to growing deeper in love and truly understanding one another. We met each other’s families, read the Bible together and were very intentional about spending time together. There were quite a few things I experienced for the first time in my life with Kentrell. He bought me my first flower, opened doors for me and he took me on thoughtful dates. He surprised me with gifts, adored my relationship with Christ and the parts of me that differed from him. He accepted my loud country mouth and has always been so real with me. He provides me with the most unbiased opinions and speaks truth about whatever I ask. Most importantly, he loved the unhealed parts of me. I suffered a lot of childhood trauma, and he supported me through struggles throughout our three years of dating. Sometimes we advise people to go into relationships after they are healed, and as much as I agree, I also believe that there are some things specific people are meant to pull out of you. This man helped save me from what was holding me back from being great. I have never been loved the way this man loves me. I would give him the world if he had not already given it to me. He held my hand through it all, and our love story can be credited to him.

We both knew we wanted to marry, but there were many goals that had to be met before marriage. There was debt that needed to be settled, healing that needed to take place and priorities that needed to be set. Kentrell told me that 2020 would be the year, but it seemed like it took forever to come. I waited impatiently but trusted him because he always has a plan and strategy for every move. He asked me to marry him in April 2020, and I wanted to get married the same day. From May-July, we planned the most perfect and intimate wedding. COVID-19 might have hindered us from doing all we wanted to do, but it definitely did not stop us from working with what we had access too. Our closest family and friends supported us on our big day, August 28, 2020, and that was all we wanted. My son, King, walked me down the aisle to the love of my life, and my father, Donnie, married us. How much more perfect could it get? We spent our honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort in Key Largo and it was magical. We are enjoying married life and have two beautiful children, King and Kaidee, to set an example for. Marriage isn’t perfect, but God places us with the perfect person who will help us perfect our purpose. Our goals are enhanced with one another, and our hearts are a lot fuller. 


Dress Alteration: La Francis Alterations
Tuxedo: Elegance—Central Mall
Cake: Becci Beez
Makeup: Alexis Overstreet
Food: Cooking With FlavouR 
Venue: Elliot Lake at Red River Army Depot
Photography: Chase and Kree Photography 
Videographer: McClain Media


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