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National Black Business Month Spotlight

Sharmonique Johnson

Eden's Professional Cleaning

Give a brief description of your business.

Building and reconstruction projects are dirty work. When the construction is done, well... there’s a lot of dust and dirt and mess. This is where Eden Professional Cleaning Company comes in, through our construction cleaning services, that will get your space back into working order after renovations.

We employ modern methods, using proven equipment and materials, together with well-trained personnel, to deliver the utmost in post construction cleaning services.

What is your company’s mission?

We focus on, but aren’t limited to, post-construction cleaning in the four states area. Our mission is to create peaceful environments in your establishment by making sure that it not only looks clean but feels and smells clean as well. We take pride in relieving you of whatever stress or pain that having a messy space can cause.

Is there a difference between a construction cleaning company vs. janitorial/maid service?

YES, a big difference! It’s called quality, communication, and management. Our team at Eden’s Professional Cleaning Company, LLC is 100% dedicated to your construction clean up needs. Our crew is trained specifically for construction safety, quality and performance. They are never thrown into a construction job not knowing what to do, leaving project superintendents to manage them. That causes construction companies more work, headache and hassle! Eden’s Professional Cleaning Company wants to take all of those worries and make each project stress free. We are Texarkana’s industry partner and construction cleaning specialist!

Why did you go into business for yourself and how did you get into this industry?

Our mother, Lola Hamilton, started offering cleaning services over 10+ years ago and stepped into post-construction cleaning about six years ago. She taught us everything we needed to know, so my sister and I decided to start this company and put into practice all that our mom had taught us. There are many companies and residents in the community that are in need of what we offer, and we’re here to help!

What makes you stand apart from your competitors?

We stand apart from our competitors because we are constantly searching for ways to better serve our customers. We are constantly educating ourselves and improving our services.

Are there any specific jobs that you are particularly proud of our excited about?

Well, we are going to be part of the redevelopment of the Grim! It’s a historic building for Texarkana and we really wanted to get in on this project. I read about the construction plans long before the work actually began. I started then, researching to find out who I needed to talk to in order to get the job. After reaching out several times, I finally went down to the site to speak face-to-face with the project manager because I knew I had to do something to get his attention. I really let this outgoing personality show. They finally sent me the plans and said I got the job. It’s exciting!

What are your future goals for your business?

Our goal is to become a company that provides great-paying job opportunities for the citizens of Texarkana, while also being part of the renovation of the city. We want to assist in beautifying, growing, and maintaining the city and establishments of Texarkana.

What would you like to say to the people of Texarkana?

If you’ve just finished building, upgrading, or remodeling, all or just parts of your office or warehouse, chances are you’ve got some dust to manage! We know you’re probably ready to have everything back to normal, and we’re here to help! At Eden’s Professional Cleaning Company, our professionally trained cleaning team can help with debris removal, building material removal, and deep cleaning of any surface or room. Why should you bother with cleaning the floors and taking out the trash when Eden’s professional Cleaning Business can do it all for you? Let us do what we do best so you can focus on the things you do best. Contact us today! 

National Black Business Month, celebrated in August, brings awareness to the important contributions of black-owned businesses. According to, “Black-owned businesses in the United States increased 34.5% between 2007 and 2012, totaling 2.6 million,” and “employed 975,052 people,” with “payrolls that totaled $27.7 billion.” Texarkana is no exception to that growth trend. “The Texarkana USA Chamber of Commerce has seen some outstanding businesses become members of our organization, looking to network and grow.” said Executive Director, Mike Malone.

Texarkana Monthly is highlighting some of the incredible black-owned businesses in the community to encourage your support of these locally owned establishments. Shopping local is important every month of the year, as it nurtures job creation and keeps the local economy healthy. The black-owned businesses of Texarkana provide quality goods and services from trusted friends and neighbors. Support them, not just in August during National Black Business Month, but all year long!

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